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Exterior Doors wood and design expert services Most of the detached homes normally have a front and side door. The front or exterior door is the one that captures the best architectural design since it is the one that welcomes visitors. If you poses the basic knowledge on tips on what to look out for, you will know what to consider when looking for the best exterior door. Engineered Wood Wood veneer doors are commonly used nowadays and are neither highly priced nor lowly priced. The doors are made using many layers of compressed wood and a wrapped on the outside using wood veneer. These doors last longer than the solid wood options. When buying these doors, ascertain that the bottom and top part is covered with veneer to avoid water seepage and ensure the thickness of the wood is at least 1/16 inches. Solid Wood The doors made of solid wood with a polyurethane coating create that gleaming and intricately sculpted appearance that creates a very welcoming ambiance to a home. Whether double or single-hung, these doors add to the curb appeal of any home. There are very costly exterior doors that have to be maintained at least annually to ...

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