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Estate Planning Attorney Do you have properties you invested for the purpose of inheritance? When you plan on building a family or even if you are single, one of your goals in life while you still live is to own a house that is named under your name. You also want to have your own car, get insurance, and a lot more investments. Of course, this is part of your achievements and part of your goals but we also know that having properties means passing it to whomever you want it to have once you are gone. One of the biggest mistakes that we always commit is that we don’t actually plan for it. In fact, it is not part of our plans. We are living a life and enjoying our investments without actually thinking about dying but of course, we don’t exist forever and once we are gone, it will be disastrous on your family members as to whom shall inherit this and that. This is mostly true if you are single. Thus, it is recommended that you plan for your estate and have it administered by the right people. Estate planning is simply planning on who will inherit your properties ...

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